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Foundation and front yard plantings of trees and shrubs to accentuate the architecture of the building, frame views and create an entry experience.

Multi-level decks and patios to accommodate many different uses of space and create an aesthethic and unique overall appearance at the same time being practical and functional.

Use of wooden entry pergola brightens the entrance of this home.  The dry river bed and stone bridge take care of an existing water problem, while creating a unique entry experience.

An unusable back yard becomes a terraced oasis overlooking a steep ravine down to an existing stream bed.  With the use of terraced walls a comfortable, aesthetic and useable space is created.

A wide opening to a tumbled  brick paver walk with natural stone steps creates a pleasant entry experience to the front door.  The natural stone of the facade of the home is used in the landscape to connect the home to the property.

Along the front walk to this home, a water feature begins on one side of the walk and flows under a natural stone bridge falling into a pond on the other side.

A curved tumbled brick paver walkway creates a comfortable and practical front walk to an entry patio at the front door to this home tucked back into a wooded setting.

Large areas of blooming perennials add strong masses of color, texture and interest throughout this large front yard.  Bloom times, and interest are considered for year round effect.

Small areas incorporated into an overall design create interesting spaces to view  and enjoy with the potential of relaxation and get away from the fast pace of day to day activities.

A water feature is created here to pump from the existing pond and create an experiential back yard where once was only grass sloping down from the house to the pond.