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Natural stone water features add an interesting view into the garden areas of your property as well as providing the sound of moving water creating a unique and soothing space.

Gateways can provide safety and security at the same time creating an invitation to the experience of entering another space.  These can often separate more informal and private backyards from the front of a property.

Unique spaces created for viewing or actual use allow reflection and the ability to get away from the thoughts and pressures of day to day life activities.

Walls built in a once unusable back yard area creates a level patio and outdoor kitchen area, terraced garden and planting areas and access through to other parts of the property.

Fireplaces create an aesthetic feature and a friendly relaxing use space to any outdoor living space.

Open fire pits allow better access to fire and more warmth felt during cooler evenings.  A more casual type fire gathering space.  The seatwall provide lots of extra seating and doubles as a hearth in front of the fire itself.

Terraced garden walls create level areas for patio space, garden areas and garden ornament placement.

A wooden bridge provides functional connectivity to a once isolated area of a property.  Once over the bridge a view back of an extensive garden with water feature, pathways throughout and exceptional plantings is reflected back across the pond.

Nightlighting extends the enjoyment of the esthetics created by beautiful landscaping and also provides safety and security throughout a property.